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his most● obstinate enemies.We received▓ from the countess, however, a●n explanation of the circums▓tances in regard to the German wom●an's book.Since t

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he Tolsto family, however, ▓have long since pardoned the repentant author▓ess, it would be indelicate of me● to publish the ancient histor●y.Leo Tolsto is no hypocr

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ite.He does● not even consider it a duty t▓o be a vegetarian.All the rest of● his family, including the Cou▓ntess Sasha, eat meat.Tolsto finds, howev▓er, that a vegetable diet a



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grees with him, an▓d he therefore adheres to it withou●t[Pg 297] wishing to convert an

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der beefsteaks.I▓t would mean not

ybody els▓e to the same belief, as vegetarian▓s are accustomed to do.The count, in general,▓ does not try to make any conve

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y as he choo▓ses, even in the bosom of the c●ount's family.The Countess Sasha s●aid, touchingly, The only t▓hing we can learn from him is whether ▓a thing pleases him or not.Tha▓t is enough, however, at lea●st for me. Nothing co

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